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Rapid Response In One Hour
*Most Heating Problems May Be Solved Over The Phone
Please check before calling, it may save you money.
A. Emergency switch (around door leading to unit)
B. Service switch (on unit)
C. Fuse or circuit breaker
D. Oil in tank?>>it happens
E. Steam Boilers only, water in sight glass
F. Press the Red reset button (*one time only) after that call us
*If you keep pressing the reset button and it doesn't lite, oil may still flow into unit, which will only cause more problems and cost more to repair.
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How to prime an oil burner after running out of oil.
  • Let's get a few things together, something to catch/hold 1 pint of oil (empty bottle works well) old pan, etc.
  • Tool to open bleed port, best is a real wrench 3/8" most common size.
  • Locate where your bleed port is, look at the photos. They are the most common pumps in our service area
  • OK ready, open the bleeding screw one complete turn (counter clockwise>to the left)
  • Put your bottle/can/pan under bleed screw hole to catch the oil that will come out of hole
A. Press the reset button and hold in, count to 5, release button, burner will start > oil comes out hole > may be foamy > keep going
B. By now it should be coming out better, but burner will shut off, wait 5 minutes & push reset again, wait until the oil is coming out strong
C. Close screw (clockwise > to the right) until tight > not superman tight, just tight enough so it doesn't leak
D. After 5 minutes press reset button, count to 5, release, burner should start and fire > may smoke a little > should clear after a few minutes
Now if burner doesn't stay running repeat steps A - D again, if after the second time it doesn't stay running you need to call us.

Priming Oil Burners Should Be Done By A Licensed and Qualified Service Technician.